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sha1 digest different for images of same partition

Posted: Sat Mar 24, 2007 1:23 am
by m17
When I create 2 images from the same fat32 partition and calculate the sha1, both digests (sums) are different.

Why would I get different results when I'm making an image of the same partition twice just for comparison.

I'm using System Rescue CD 0.3.3, live linux distribution. I'm booting of the cdrom, the partition which I'm making image of is not mounted and is not changed in any way between creations of both images, nothing gets written to it. I'm not compressing the image, I just wanted something fast for test purposes. Images are written to separate usb hdd.

Why are the digests different?
What am I doing wrong?
What other free/oss tools would any one recommend for cloning a hdd?

I like partition image, but I need consistent results in my production environment.