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File Size and GUI Selectability

Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 4:34 am
by Ron
I am using Partimage from a bootable CD trying to backup a 55 GB partition with only 2.7 GB of files. Since it is supposed to back up the files and not the empty space, I am expecting a GZ file of less than 2.7 GB, but it wants way more space than that to complete the backup.

Also, I am using it from the GUI, and cannot figure out how to change the selections i.e remove a * or an X and add a* or an X in other selections. I have tried Enter, ESC, 0, space etc. to deselect and nothing happens.

I think the documentation needs to be a little more detailed because these seem like pretty basic usability problems that may have simple answers, but I can't figure it out.