how to make backup of partition and OS for making ISO

Here are messages about how to use partimage from a bootable CDRom / floppy disk.

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how to make backup of partition and OS for making ISO

Post by creeds » Wed Feb 27, 2008 6:13 am

Hello !!!,
I am in bit problem in making a customized Ubuntu burnt as ISO image.
My scenario,
I have two identical server. I have installed Ubuntu Dapper in one server and installed other application and softwares like apache, postgres etc ,etc.
Now i have to install another server for that i need to take a backup of first server including OS(Ubuntu), so that i will just make an ISo of the first server and install that in seconf server.
Can that be done with Partimage?
I have tried remaster, it makes Live CD but i dont want Live Cd, I have also seen other like ghosts, systemimager etc etc but i am not able to solve the problem.
Again i tried Partimage,
it says

/dev/dm is not a block

again it ask to mount and unmont. every thing is automatically mounted in ubuntu!!! so how to proceed

so do help me in overcoming this problem

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