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New Authentication method

Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 11:58 pm
by feffer
Due to ongoing spam issues, a new authentication method has been implemented. Previously, users could self-register by solving a scrambled "captcha." Spam-bots have become advanced enough to solve most of these. Now registration will be done by a Q&A process which should be easy for humans but not for spam-bots. For now, users who pass will be approved by an administrator. This takes time and might not occur until a few days after registration. This is regrettable, but necessary given the number of spam attempts. If the new Q&A registration works well, administrator approval may become unnecessary. If so, it will be dropped and self-registration using Q&A will become the sole method.

My apologies to real users who have questions about partimage. Please search the forum for your issue. Many times someone else has had the same issue and a solution will be found in the thread. Sometimes a google search using the words "partimage" and a phrase describing your issue will find a solution. If neither of these work, please be patient while your registration is being approved.