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Before I start - can anyone help....

Posted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 4:07 am
by lozcs

I have a few XP machines that i want to reimage every night, I think I have a solution - before I start, if anyone see's a problem can you please advise. I am a complete Linux newbie - but can probably work out or ask here :? for what I think I need.


At the moment The machines have XP on a 40Gb drive with a 40Gb NTFS partition

The plan..

Follow this guide to resize the partition and create a dual boot XP/Linux system. ... -ntfs.html

Instal partimage on the linux partition, create an image of the XP partition and set it up to auto run a script to restore the image.

then have XP schedule a boot.ini edit to load linux then reboot - which would auto restore the XP partition.

jobs a good un?

or not??