installation partime 0.6.5 + Linux LVM

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installation partime 0.6.5 + Linux LVM

Post by lokida » Mon Jan 15, 2007 5:07 pm


I have dowloaded partimage 0.6.5 and compiled it on a X86_64 architecture.
I have commented on the main.cpp client (line 189-190) :
/ Very important: do not remove (else, uncompatible image will be produced)
// if (checkStructSizes() == -1)
// return EXIT_FAILURE;

So With this, I can compil. When I execute the client I have this message.
inode missing
/dev/dm inode doesn't exists.
Partimage can create it for you.
You can also use the manual mknod command.
Do you want this inode to be created for you ? yes no

Is it important to make an image ? And, what will be the result if I say yes ?

Now, I would like to know if partimage support LVM. I have seen on the forum someone talking of lrs but I don't want (Or maybe someone has a very good tutorial...)

If partimage can support LVM I will have other questions.

thanks !

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