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Using the Cd with Suse 10.2 (64bit) - help!

Posted: Sat Mar 24, 2007 8:49 am
by timmoore46
Well, I can't ! :( The CD boots (SystemRescue CD with was easy to make) OK and Partimage does come up, but permissions not set????) but I've no idea what to do next and after a struggle I'm about to give up, Which is a mega shame.

There is a huge amount of 'How to' info but in amongst the sand pile I've not found anything I can understand and have confidence to use.

Suse 10.2 is the first distribution I have used on a day to day 24/7 basis and I've junked XP.

But I'm terrified of what happens if my hard disc fails. For years I've used Power Quest's Drive Image and Partition Magic AOK.. I can use bash, but very very very nervous of bringing this OS to it's knees by tinkering unwisely as SU.

What do I do next.?

Any thoughts very welcome.



Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2007 3:41 pm
by timmoore46
Well, I thought this was an easy one to answer for a fix. The problem must be simple to solve. e.g. which of the many 'help' documents and manuals has a clearly writtrn guide...

but no responses.....

So i bought a copy of Norton's Ghost in the hope I can Image the partions on this PC.

I find it weird that I'll be using a boot CD (maybe) made on a Microsoft system to maintain a Linux PC.

But as support is a zero on the CD version of Partimage, I'm stuck with a pressing problem to fix any way I can.

I'll report back on if Ghost works Ok when it arrives in a few days.


Update March 29th

It works fine but needs to be booted from XP so need to add another Sata caddy to the PC so I'll do that within the next week.

Posted: Sun May 13, 2007 5:00 pm
by timmoore46
Total solution found. I now have successfully cloned my 250GB hard disc.

Ghost did not work as it didn't recogonise the blank hard disc,.

So a friend advised me if 'G4L' which stands for 'Ghost for Linux' available from SourceForge and easily sound by googling for it.

It allows you to download an iso image for burning a CD.

The CD boots just fine and at the prompt, type './G4L' and a menu comes up and literally follow it.


Now not many drawbacks.

Update 22nd May

I built a seperate PC and it's 24 times faster on this task ! And clones a drive in 7 hours !

1) took 170 hours to clone 250Gb drive !!! Yes thats 7 days 10 minutes! Use a seperate PC and go on holiday for a week!

2) do not have anything connected to the PC. No memory sticks, printer or the local network. Because the screeb glitches and doesn't repair that well. Did not corrupt the copying but scared the daylights out on me.

I have now built a separate PC atatched to a big UPS, specifically for cloning Sata hard drives.


1) G4L works fine ! but is glacially (update :- PC dependent now just slow). I will look no further because it works on a bit by bit cloning method and doesn't care what OS or data is on the drive. Exactly what I needed.

2) Why no reader of this Forum knew that or was not prepared to comment does puzzle me.

So I did mutter to my self outlining thoughts on 'Curate's Egg' and 'Chocolate Tea Pots'.

Hope this is of use to other members of the forum.

: )

A happy,