NewB Q - Cloning a MythTV box

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NewB Q - Cloning a MythTV box

Post by Iluvatar » Wed Jan 30, 2008 11:42 pm

I'ma a total NewB and I wish to clone a MythTV system onto some other hardware. The "old" Myth TV distro is a commerical product which is no longer supported. (sounds strange but we want to replace the "old" MythTV distro from my machine with a newer distro). The two machines are identical.

This quote from the Partimage got me interested:
This utility can be used to install many identical computers. For example, if you buy 50 PCs, with the same hardware, and you want to install the same linux systems on all 50 PCs, you will save a lot of time. Indeed, you just have to install on the first PC and create an image from it. For the 49 others, you can use the image file and Partition Image's restore function.

This is what I would like to do: have the target machine boot up like the original.

So, my thoughts, on reading the doco on Partimage, are:

On Source machine:-
Step 1. Boot the system with SystemRescueCd (
Step 2. Create a partition /drive image of the distro using Partimage
Step 3. Burn the partition file (preferably as an iso) to a DVD/CD.

On the target Machine:-
Step 4. Use SystemRescueCD & partimage to read the CD/DVD from step 3 and "drop" the partition info onto the target HDD.

Step 5. boot m/c like source machine

I know it isn't that easy, but can ANYONE help me here? What am I missing? I suspect the "boot like source machine part".

The target machine has a completely different (old) linux O/S to the that of the intended new distro.

[Q] Will l have to erase the disc first, or can I create the source machine's bootable partition as an iso and burn it to the new machine?

Thanks to all !

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