Partimage reporting different used data space to Windows 7

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Partimage reporting different used data space to Windows 7

Postby jbassett » Sat Mar 09, 2013 9:24 am


I have been imaging a few Microsoft Windows 7 systems recently and noticed that the data to copy figure is different in Microsoft WIndows 7 to that displayed in Partimage

For example, in Microsoft WIndows 7 > Computer I right click and display the properties of C:\ - This displays 80GB used space.

I would expect Partimage to report 80GB as the data to be copied, but it instead reports, say, 210GB and seems to copy the 210GB of data to the image file.

Is this due to some aspect of how the Microsoft Windows 7 filesystem works, or a bug?

UPDATE: I have also stumbled upon this issue on a Microsoft Windows XP machine now. Have found another person with same glitch here but no solution except using a different product



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