Knowing what partition/s to save

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Knowing what partition/s to save

Post by dbrooke » Mon Jun 25, 2012 3:11 pm

I was hoping for a "newbie" category, but will have to post here.

I just installed a fresh LAMP install of Ubuntu Server 12.04 and would like to make a snapshot of it before I start configuring websites. I am using the SystemRescueCD and saving my snapshots to an external firewire drive.

Being that I am new to linux partitions, I am still confused about some things that I thought you all might be able to clarify pretty quickly.

First, I am not sure if I am backing up all the right partitions from the "Partition to save/restore" line. I can identify my external firewire drive O.K. but, beyond that, I'm a bit confused.

So far, I've only made a snapshot of 'sda1', which resulted into a 21M .gz file, however, I have the following:

Code: Select all

sda1   ext2fs 243.00Mib
sda2  -extended-
sda5  -unknown- 465.52 GiB
dm-0  ext3fs  463.04 GiB
dm-1  swap (v1)  2.43 GiB
In order to get a complete snapshot of my server, should I run partimage Save.. for all of those partitions as well? Then, for restore, would I have to run partimage restore.. for all of the saved images? I guess I'm more used to VMWare on my mac, where I press a button and it's done. ;-)

Thanks for any comments, and sorry if this is a newb question.


EDIT: I just realized that a secondary problem it appears I will have is that partimage does not support the default fs type installed by Ubuntu 12.04, which is ext4. I guess I'll have to find another solution anyway.

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