Ext3 --> NTFS Backup & Restore (and vice-versa)

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Ext3 --> NTFS Backup & Restore (and vice-versa)

Post by zmdmw52 » Mon Aug 11, 2008 7:40 pm


Am using partimage from the Parted Magic 3 boot CD. There are 3 HDD's.

I wanted to backup the Linux installation /dev/sdb (ext3) to Windows partition (NTFS) /dev/sdc/ . This I could do from the boot CD, with medium compression.
(/dev/sda/ has Windows and doesn't need to be backed up & so not included in this post).

Question is in 3 parts:

1) Does anyone have experience whether the image can be properly restored from the NTFS partition --> ext3 Linux partition?
And also if partimage will auto-unzip the backed-up image file?

2) Any successful experience with the opposite; i.e. Windows (NTFS) --> Linux (ext3) backup & restore?

3) Does Windows (NTFS) --> Windows (NTFS) image & restore work properly?


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