NEWBIE: Can Partimage ghost a Windows drive?

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NEWBIE: Can Partimage ghost a Windows drive?

Post by BigBadBaz » Thu Sep 04, 2008 8:03 pm


The subject says it all. I'm a complete newbie. I'm looking for a free alternative to Norton Ghost and Partimage seems to be the best.

I see that Partimage does support NTFS, but i've also seen that it does not support Windows. What I think this means is that it can only run off of Linux (which it does when you boot off a CD), but it does support ghosting NTFS (i.e. Windows) drives.

Is this true?

And I assume you CAN save an image when booting off a disk?

Since I already started a new topic, I'll ask my other questions: How would I boot off a disk to save an image? Just download and burn SystemRescueCD?

Lastly, I see that you can save the image over a network. I assume that means I can save it to a mapped network drive? Can I do that with my configuration? How well does this work?

Thank in advance!

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