Windows Boot Problems after NTFS Restore Problems

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Windows Boot Problems after NTFS Restore Problems

Post by rubberroom » Wed Oct 22, 2008 1:23 am

I backed up (is that a verb? :oops: ) an NTFS parition on my laptop, XP Home was there. No problems.
I deleted the partition and recreated it to absorb some adjacent unallocated space.
I had problems (NTFS image compression not recognized) but I worked around that and was able to effectively restore the image.
I can mount and see that partition from Linux (Dual-booting).
Ok, I guess this is some sort of Windows-exclusive problem but when selecting XP Home from grub, I only get to "error reading disk". I have no idea whatsoever. All Windows boot files are there (boot.ini, ntldr, etc) partition is readable and not corrupted. Recovery console is a joke, but even then I ran fixmbr and fixboot, just messed up the boot loader. I then reinstalled Grub.
I ran out of ideas.
Any help is really appreciated.

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