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partimage 0.6.8 with ufs patch running under Crux Linux 2.7

Posted: Sun Mar 06, 2011 2:08 am
by thomas.butz
Just tried the ufs-bit on a memory stick: no worries, worked like a dream.
After a restore I booted OpenBSD 4.2 and forced an fsck in diagnostic-mode and wondered about the errors. Apparently the inode-counts were wrong after the restore. The filesystem, however, had been marked 'clean'.

This could be a Crux 2.7 fault (I ran it using Crux 2.7 with some missing libraries added from Dreamlinux 3.5). I'd compiled Crux with ufs-RW.

The memory-stick was created a while ago using the Canadian quality product OpenBSD 4.2.

After the fsck it worked like before. I ran a few tricky programs off it and
they behaved.

Just thought you'd like to know,

Tom Butz, New Zealand.