Default location for a saved image file

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Default location for a saved image file

Post by johnspyder » Wed Jun 22, 2011 2:52 pm

Hi all,

I new to using Linux and partimage. I recently installed partimage on Ubuntu, and while creating the image file "in the space for providing the destination of the saved image file". I just gave a random file name and proceed to creating the image. The image of my partition was successfully created. The problem is that i'm unable to locate the saved image file on ubuntu. Can anyone please tell me as to where the image file was saved onto my hard drive. i tried using the search options but nothing positive turned out. thanks a lot.


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Post by feffer » Fri Jun 24, 2011 10:24 pm

In the destination space, you need to provide the full path, then the file name ending in .gz if it's compressed. If you did not provide the path, then the image will be created your current "working" directory -- where you were when you launched partimage. It's possible that it's on the "root." To find out, in a terminal, type:

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 ls /
The file will be relatively big, 500MB plus, so you could use size as a search parameter. Also note, that partimage is normally used to save a non-booted, non-mounted partition. You had Ubuntu booted. You weren't trying to image it, were you? Also remember that you need significant space for temp files, and the final image. Sometimes, smallish linux partitions may not have enough free space. In that case, the image will fail.

If you just installed partimage, lauched it and gave it a spin w/o reading the docs, now is the time to look them over. It's pretty straightforward.

Good luck,

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