problem in creating a PI image

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problem in creating a PI image

Post by caesaear » Thu Jul 15, 2004 9:58 am

I have problems with creating an image of a hard disk. The situation is that there are two available partitions in the hard disk: 1.) ntfs and 2.) extended dos. I followed the steps in creating an image with all the necessary files such as the .mbr and .sf. When I ran partimage, there are 4 hdas: hda1 (ntfs partition), hda2 (-extended-), hda5 (ntfs) and hda6 (ntfs). I cant understand why there are additional hda5 and hda6 because if we try to look at fdisk, there are only two partitions.
Anyway, I proceeded in creating the pi image. There is only one image (.000 file). Is it necessary to create another image for the extended dos? need help asap..


Post by DW » Thu Jul 15, 2004 10:02 pm

In brief: The standard partition table allows you to have four "main" partitions. To get around this limit, MS creates an "extended" partition, and divides this up into logical partitions. So, in Linux-speak hda1, is your "main" partition (C:), while hda2 is your extended partition. hda5 *should* be the first logical partition within the extended partition. The odd thing here is that you say that your "D:\" is "extended dos" which I assume you mean FAT or FAT32..... yet fdisk says it in NTFS ....and then you have hda6...but no "E:\". (yes?)
Are you using win2k or higher? Are you using "simple disks" or "dynamic disks"? (if hda6 is about 1MB in size, you MAYBE using dynamic disks)

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