Partimage/g4u - HPFS FS error

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Partimage/g4u - HPFS FS error

Post by bunny47 » Mon Sep 13, 2004 1:28 pm

Hi, I'm in need of some help regarding imaging programs
for linux. I'm talking about Partimage and G4U... I've never used
g4u but I use partimage quite often, here's some backgroung:

I've got a OS/2 system with a 20Gig hardrive and it's partitioned
for c - 7.98Gb and d - also 7.98 gig, like I said OS/2 is the Os and
the filesystem is HPFS.

How can I use partimage to write the whole hard drive c and d to an image
c is hda2 and d is hda5 so how can I backup the whole hda -> so in other
words hda2, hda5 and the boot record. When I tried to back up only hda2
it gave me a segmentation fault?

I definetly know that HPFS is supported under partimage, can anyone please
give me some advice or an alternative to image an OS/2 with 2 partitions box?

any help would be appreciated!!! :)


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