Partition Image can't work on mounted

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Partition Image can't work on mounted

Post by Gest » Thu Dec 09, 2004 8:29 am

Hi , I get the error message as below when running "partimage -od -f1 -z1 save /dev/hdc1 /backup/hdc1.partimg.gz",

" The /dev/hdc1 partition is mounted.
Partition Image can't work on mounted
Options partitions. Please, unmount it before.
Check partit You can do it with "umount /boot"

how can i do , if i wanna diskimage the current linux PC server.


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Post by IanMcC » Mon Jan 31, 2005 5:28 pm

not sure if it would work but perhaps you could make a dd clone of the currently running drive and make the backup from the clone. a safer and much more reliable way would be to boot from a recovery CD like KNOPPIX and run partimage from there. although this would meen taking your server down for some time to make the backup.

PS I have no idea what problems running dd on a currently mounted and active hard drive would do. So long as nothing is writen to the drive during the time it would take to make the dd clone It should be ok otherwise I'd imagine you'll lose the new data and possobly old data too if it deletes and overwrites the old sectors.

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