What do do about Partimage backups with corrupt segments?

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What do do about Partimage backups with corrupt segments?

Post by hockeyrink » Wed Aug 06, 2008 8:38 am

Here's the dilemma:

Recently finally got WinXP to where I like to have it. So I do a nice, tight, 2Gig split BZ2 partimage backup set, and end up with chunks 000 thru 005.

Hrm. Now 2 weeks later, WinXP is borked so it won't come up in any respect without rebooting mid-way. Ok, GREAT timing to have the backup right?

Well, it appears that chunk 000 and 002 are corrupt. What's the appropriate solution? Ideally, I'd like to restore all I can to see if that brings WinXP back up, but there's really no way to get Partimage to "restore what it can", is there?

I even went as far as using bzip2recover to get to the segment in each file causing the corruption (neat feature, that), and uncompress the datafile, but as now segment 000 has only about 20% "pristine" data, that's as far as I can restore. Period. I tried (against my intuition) to create a 000a and 000b of the segments surrounding the bad chunk, and even tried to 'cat' them together, but nothing seems to be able to convince partimage to ...keep...dumping...files...!

So my questions are:
1) Is there any mechanism within/out partimage to continue extracting files?
2) Is there any practical way to recover whatever data I have left in the backup dataset?

3) Would be nice to have a parity feature. RAR is neat this way, where you can create a parity file to recreate lost data.

sigh... not looking forward to another all-day WinXP/applications reinstall...


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