Backing up on extern HD

Messages about how to use partimage across a network (with the partimaged server, samba, nfs, ...)

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Backing up on extern HD

Post by Sebastian » Thu Jul 27, 2006 9:02 pm


Im thinking about buying a solution for backup. But Im asking myself if it is possible with partimage to backup the way I think.

I thought I buy a sata or Ide-HD and a Box for it with WLAN-Modul. So it could be accessed about wlan.

And the other thought is to buy a box which I can connect to a usb-hub.

Can I backup on this drives via partimage? Do I have to install hub-software or something? And whats with the wlan?

Would it work?


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What works for me...

Post by mp » Wed Aug 23, 2006 3:56 pm

is a usb drive.

Unless you've got a network with dns or hosts files and samba, then it *might* work.

The partimaged server does not work.

I did battle with the client+server until way too late last night and found the following:

1. client doesn't have a nologin option
2. something about the default permissions on the users allowed file is not right because the server doesn't start and the documentation is pitifully vague on what the permissions should be.
3. No matter the user or password, the server rejects them. Is this a system user or what? Documentation doesn't specify.
4. Theoretically, the applications log when setting d=1 or d1 or whatever. Practically, it does not.

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