ERROR: Bad File Descriptor

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ERROR: Bad File Descriptor

Post by wilcal » Thu Nov 02, 2006 2:45 am

I'm missing something obvious. I can easily use partimage locally
as follows

sda1 Partition A Linux A ext3
sda2 Partition B Linux B ext3
sda3 Partition C ext3 just lots of open space
sda4 Partition D Linux Swap

All of the above created by Gparted 0.3-1

If I boot to Partition A and run partimage in a user
saving Partition B it runs just fine. sda3 is mounted here


In the first menu of partimage image file to create/use I can enter


or actually any name and path and the file is created.

But, If I go to another computer on the LAN and bring up
partimage on the GparteD Live-CD no matter what I put in
that field (image file to create/use) it (F5) comes right back with

ERROR: Bad File Descriptor

When I hit F5 there is no activity on the LAN so it appears
that the error occurs immediately and does not contact the server.

No where in the docs can I find an explanation of this error.

Note: The partimaged server appears to have set up just fine.


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