Unusually slow transfer across SAMBA link

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Unusually slow transfer across SAMBA link

Post by gatorback » Fri Jul 27, 2007 12:08 am

Writing is 100 times slower than reading.

A samba connection was used to create an image of a Win98 FAT16 image (2GB) and took ~20 minutes (~90 MB\Min) Attempts to restore the image through the samba link indicate a 40+ hour estimate (700 KiB\Min).

Using SysRecsueCd version 0.2.19 because the hardware is older (Pentium MMX) and the current version would not load.

1) Is my assessment that the write speed is unusally low (< 1Megabyte\Min)?
2) Are there any tests that I can perform to determine root cause?
3) Is there any corrective action to increase speed?

Thanks you for your guidance.

OK, so I tried sending a small 1.5MB file across the SAMBA link and it took over one minute. This means the problem has nothing to do with partimage and has to do with the SAMBA link.

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