Transfer to samba, not enough space

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Transfer to samba, not enough space

Post by derwydd » Wed Nov 21, 2007 4:05 pm

Ok It says I have to choose another location because the /mnt/bkup which is mounted to a network samba, is saying not enough space. This I know is incorrect. We have 500gbs at this network harddrive. The network Hardrive is a iomega StorCenter 1TB, but with raid is 500 gb.

I have partimage splitting the backup into 1800 mb files. It did this the first time but then only could write 330mb on the second file. So It told me
"not enough space" and to choose another location. I remounted to another DIR on the same network harddrive, and it continued to write. What is going on here?

My guess is that it will keep doing this until finished. I need it to backup unmonitored. I have to do this at night and need the computer in the morning.

Please help!!!

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