Help with CLI arguments

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Help with CLI arguments

Post by l337ing disorder » Thu Feb 19, 2009 10:17 pm


I'm trying to set up partimage to backup laptop images across a LAN.

Not having any problems with the connectivity, but I want to auto-populate the fields in the GUI by passing command line arguments.

I'd like the following to be automatically filled in:

- Image file to create/use = hostname_date (eg, "mycomputer_2009-02-19")
- Connect to server = enabled
- IP/name of the server = <FQDN_of_server_running_partimaged>
- Encrypt data on the network with SSL = enabled

This way the user only has to select which partition to back up and then start the backup.

Here's my command line:

partimage \
--compress=2 \
--nodesc \
--volume=2048 \
--finish=0 \
--server=<FQDN_of_server> \
--username=partimageuser \
--password=<secret> \
"$(hostname)_$(date +%Y-%m-%d)"

Everything is working except the name of the image file.

Why is everything working except the "Image file to create/use" field?

My first thought is that the syntax is

partimage [options] <action> <device> <image_file>

So it looks like it requires the <action> and <device> to be stated before the <image_file>. I can put in "save" for the action, but since I'm backing up over the network there's nothing I can put in <device> (as far as I know). I tried tricking it with "null" but it's seeing through my deception and saying "null" is not a valid device.

Any ideas?

Using v0.6.4 of partimage and partimaged

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