reading images spread over cd/dvd

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reading images spread over cd/dvd

Post by tber » Tue Sep 14, 2004 2:25 pm

Many people probably face the same problem when it comes to removable medias:
partimage 0.6.x interrupts with a dialog asking for the path of the next volume(s) of the image.

I wrote a script which is staring partimage and a second parallel script. The second script for the purpose of recognising stops in partimage, ejecting the used cdrom, and auto-mounting (if no auto-mounter is in linux) the next cd with more volumes. Still partimage shows that clumsy dialog .. Still my skript is uglier as well ...

What is planned from you to overcome this?

1.) Could you add an commandline parameter which tells partimage the index and number of the next volumes to write?
=> This is good for own skripts, but bad if one uses compression.

2.) Could you add commandline parameters which describe hooks for partimage when
if comes to the next volume while reading/writing?

3.) Could you integrate at least a default hook for reading volumes that read as many volumes as possible from CD and then ejects & auto--mounts the CDROM if more volumes are requested?

4.) Could you automatically generate a iso (with partimage) beside the image (with volumes) that can be burned and will be possible to read all volumes from CDs?
=> That would take away the burden to any user to build an isolinux bootcd.


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