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image explorer

Post by NeXTstep59 » Fri Mar 12, 2004 11:06 am


do you plan to make some kind of "ghost explorer"-like ?
--> View files from within the image
--> Extract some of those files

Thanks for the great job you do, :D


Post by Guest » Fri Mar 12, 2004 5:05 pm

Yes but we don't know when it'll be ready.


Post by Guest » Mon Mar 22, 2004 11:52 am

Is the following a reasonable way to achieve the "browsing" of an image?

1. Create a file which is as big as the drive we have just imaged.

2. "Restore" the image to this file as if the file was a device.

3. Mount this file with a loopback mount.

4. Browse away!

Of the above, I don't know how to do step 2...

This way might suck compared to a tool or driver that avoids the overhead of creating the file and restoring into it, but it would work in the meantime before such a thing exists.

Whaddya reckon'?


new version of partimage

Post by Guest » Fri Jun 04, 2004 7:20 pm

just curios if this is planned for the next version. thanks!


Post by Guest » Sun Aug 15, 2004 7:41 pm


I'm not sure if it would be possible, but if you could allow modification of files on an NTFS partition (so that you could tweak an image prior to deployment) that would be amazing!

Not sure if it could be done, but would definitely be appreciated!




Post by DW » Mon Aug 16, 2004 10:57 pm

In theory you could do this with ntfsclone & "ntfs captive".
Use ntfsclone to to make the image, then mount the image (using loopback) with ntfscaptive, and modify to you hearts content.

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explore partimage

Post by opruvot » Mon Sep 29, 2008 11:44 am

Hi all,

have you got news about this topic.

could you answer if the new version can explore build image.

in my g4l CD i have use partimage to build my backup of my partition.
And i want verify the content of my backup.

and if it's possible only restaure 1 file.


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