the unit for --volume is MB in 0.6.4 ?

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the unit for --volume is MB in 0.6.4 ?

Post by steven » Fri Apr 09, 2004 3:29 pm

For partimage 0.6.4, the unit for --volume is MB ?
When I type "partimage --help", the help still show it's KB.
-VX, --volume=X create volumes with a size of X KB

I know in 0.6.2, that's right, it's KB.

It's better to fix it in the next release. Or is that possible to let
user to use his own unit ? such as "--volume=1GB", just like the one
used in "dd" or "ls":
kB 1000, K 1024, MB 1,000,000, M 1,048,576, GB 1,000,000,000, G
1,073,741,824, and so on for T, P, E, Z, Y.

IMHO, I prefer the latter.




Post by DW » Mon Apr 12, 2004 9:30 pm

1000 bytes=1KB
1024 bytes=1KiB

1 048 576 bytes=1MiB
1 000 000 bytes=1MB


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