recover utility for partimages

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recover utility for partimages

Post by cheche » Wed Apr 25, 2007 10:06 pm

Maybe it is just a stupid thought, And I am talking about something that is not possible.

But I came accross a problem that for an unknow reason partimage file was corrupted and I found this post:

It said that every 65,552 bytes has a structure to check the integrity of the image.

I had an issue with a image file that I must recover, but I am willing for some data lost.

So I thought, when a local check fails, it would be possible to fill up these blocks with empty ones util you find a block that match the next numerical order in the check structure.

obviosly in those blocks the data is gone, but you have a change that these are not important fies.

maybe an utility that recover without touching the original image is a safe bet.


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