re-Syncing the hard drive.

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re-Syncing the hard drive.

Post by df » Tue May 17, 2005 4:11 am

I noticed in the documentation for partimage is it suggested using dd to restore the MBR and sfdisk to restore the partition table you need to reboot the computer.

There are probably lots of ways around this but I use "echo w|disk /dev/hda" as are way of Syncing the drive again so the new MBR and partition table is used. After this you can restore a partition without a reboot.

Also, backing up entire MBR "dd if=/dev/hda of=backup-bs bs=521 count=63" makes the need for using sfdisk to restore the extended partitions redundant.

You may want to update the documentation to either include this tip or whatever variation you want to use.

Had this not bee suggested to me I would not have thought of it.


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