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Partimage new member

Posted: Sat Apr 15, 2006 2:25 pm
by Vincent Breton
Partimage is a very good software. I started to use it there are more than six months ago. Few days ago, I downloaded its sources files and I compiled it with gcc 4 and the open SuSE 10.0 Linux system.
Writing ASM code, I worked on the MBR. Few years after that, I learn C language then the C++ language code.
I am enjoy to meet C++ code in Partimage software source code, more particularly about MBR that why before knowing that I could create an account to write to this forum, I decided to take some times to increase it : I have another major project, an embedded system, an I like to include partimage in that one.
So Partimage is really alive !
Writing documentation about partimage, I will give you more informations next time...