Proposed patch to fix Bug#491081 in linux.debian.bugs.dist

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Proposed patch to fix Bug#491081 in linux.debian.bugs.dist

Post by nvieville » Wed Dec 17, 2008 10:22 pm


After digging the web, I finally post this patch proposition as an attempt to fix the bug I've registered on ubuntu launchpad.
For a complete description see: ... bug/308696

More shorter: when using partimaged (the server part of partimage), when a client open a socket with the server, this one stay in CLOSE_WAIT state as long as the server is running. It never ends. So when the maximum number of connection is reached (MAX_CLIENTS define in the sources), the server will no longer accept a new connection. It is necessary to restart it to make it work again.
The patch also contains an addition to the server. I added the -n commutator to specify on the command line the maximum number of clients desired.

I've proposed this patch to the maintainer of the partimage packages for Fedora, that suggested me to find the best way to submit the patch to upstream. I'm not sure this forum is the best place to do this, so if it's not, forgive me.
I'm not a programmer, so any comments are welcome to improve the efficiency of this patch.

I don't know how to add a joined file to messages on this list so I give you the link to the patch on launchpad ... udes.patch

I hope this will be useful and will be integrated in the future version of partimaged if validated.

Any questions are welcome!




Sorry, but the my first patch introduced a new bug in partimage-server, and the link supplied in my initial post was on this buggy patch. I corrected it today (21 december 2008) on launchpad, and in my initial post. You can now use it.
My apologies to the few who may used it.

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