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Please help on block read error from NTFS partition

Posted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 4:11 pm
by UlfZibis

I tried to use partimage, to backup a NTFS partition to gzipped image file.

Using current SystemRescueCD I constantly get an error like:
Can't read block 10,918,961 of (152,408,896) blocks

How does 152,408,896 match to? :
Total blocks: 11,249,272
Used blocks: 7,186,969
Free blocks: 4,062,303

The total size of the partition is ~42 GB

I could successfully clone the partition to another by help of ntfsclone from SystemRescueCD 1.6.1.
Now I'm wondering, why partimage from same SystemRescueCD doesn't work.

Any ideas?