Errors when restoring NTFS partition

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Errors when restoring NTFS partition

Post by JimLS » Sun Oct 17, 2010 1:36 pm

I have used partimage a few times and saw the "ntfs is experimental" message. I figured this was more of a warning like we are not responsible for problems, etc and figured it should work on more or less standard (whatever that means...) systems. Used it on a Dell notebook that is several years old with the original XP (has recovery partition). I backed up what I thought were the important files, did a complete image of the active XP partition and used the recovery partition.

I then discovered a few files I missed so restored it to a USB drive to get the missing files. The backup had run without errors. I made a ntfs partition of 40 Gb (original was 35 Gb - figured slightly bigger would be safe and easier than trying to make it exactly the same size). The restore ended with a block marked "Error", the block had the message "success" or something similar, and the button was "cancel". Since that was the only option I pushed it. The progress bar reported something like 85% as I remember.

I booted another XP machine with the drive attached. It reported the drive was "dirty". It then reported many:

Correcting error in index ...
Followed by many:

Recovering orphaned file...
Seems a bit like:
But my drive is accessable (not trying to boot from it).
It appears that the files I needed were recovered and in the proper place but I wonder about the others. I was using SystemRescueCD 1.2. There is probably a newer version.

Should I be using different tools for NTFS partitions? Is there any way to know if the nfts images are actually ok? Would trying to restore them with newer versions of partimage help?

TIA for any help.

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Post by feffer » Wed Oct 27, 2010 5:53 pm

Partimage has not been under active development for some time, so SystemRescueCD probably has the latest version. As the docs say ntfs IS experimental. You read this as "it will probably work," but "it's not reliable" might be more accurate. Also the "hidden" Dell recovery partition might be causing a problem. It's not clear what you meant when you said,
I backed up what I thought were the important files, did a complete image of the active XP partition and used the recovery partition."
I'm not sure "how" you used the recovery partition. It's probably better to run partimage for both the save and restore functions from SystemRescueCD and not touch the Dell recovery partition. IE target only the WinXP system partition.

I only monitor this forum occasionally, and see that your post is a few weeks old with no reply. This should tell you something -- the forum's not very active. Partimage is still useful for some things and would probably work in your situation, but you will have to try this and that without expecting much support. Good luck.

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