Cancel saving image - default path - Ubuntu Live CD

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Cancel saving image - default path - Ubuntu Live CD

Post by Muhd » Fri Dec 17, 2010 9:26 am

So I was using ubuntu 9.10 live CD to run Partimage. I accidentally saved the wrong partition, and on top of that I saved it to the default path (as in, I gave a file name but no path). The program said it ran out of space and so I hit the cancel button and the program exited (IIRC). My question is, where was the data being saved and is it still there now? Could this cause a problem?

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Cancel saving image - default path

Post by glene77is » Mon Feb 28, 2011 11:47 pm

:oops: Join the crowd! I did the same thing. :cry:
I Wonder which file it started, and then stopped writing to?
I think that on the second try, I forgot to 'mount' the destination partition,
because it said I was out of space.
I assume it is referring to the RAM buffer, but the message is a little vague.
It is ok to send a vague message, after all, I am NOT supposed to be doing that !
As you wondered, if there is a lingering file, do we need to delete it ?

BTW, this is a super program, using the Live-CD, frequently, on a half dozen computers.
Verner has done a good software-engineering project.


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