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LBA Partition Support and Used-Size Determination

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2013 6:02 pm
by EntropyAnn
Hello, I'm a bit new to using this wonderful tool and found myself in an embarrassing position of being unable to do the following:

1. While trying to backup a partition in W95 Ext (LBA) format, in the version of SysRescueCD I had on hand, while using PartImage, said that this file system was unknown and therefore unsupported. I've since burned a copy of the most recent version, though I just wanted to make sure that PartImage would support this operation, and if so what I was doing wrong.

2. I tried a couple of different Linux commands to try to determine the size of partitions I was handling. The only one I had any successed with was the df command, which I would render like so:

df /dev/sda4

The program responded by declaring that the size of the partition was 1024 MgB with 0% being used. Upon trying this on my main machine, however, I found that SysRescueCD will say that all partitions have these attributes, which indicates to me that I am using incorrect syntax or an incorrect command. I will continue to troubleshoot, but would nevertheless appreciate any help that anyone might be willing to offer.