partimage restore failure

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partimage restore failure

Post by send2sachin » Tue Sep 03, 2013 9:11 am

On a linux box while restoring an image I am getting following error with partimage restore command. Please let me know what could be possible causes for this error and how can it be resolved. The restore works fine when run again.

3260 14:57:42> ADT> Check for [sda1]
3260 14:57:42> ADT> Device to check: [sda]
3260 14:57:42> ADT> Part to check: [1]
3260 14:57:42> ADT> The device [sda] exists
3260 14:57:42> ADT> Return [sda1] (1)
3260 14:57:42> Cmd: [sleep 2; partimage -f3 -b -c -d -o restore /dev/sda1 "/mnt/smbfs/DONOT-DEL-PING-R210-003/sda1.000"; sleep 2; reset]
3260 14:57:46> Output: (...) [[Main] image_disk.cpp->openReading#437: open
[Main] image_disk.cpp->openReading#438: file /mnt/smbfs/DONOT-DEL-PING-R210-003/sda1.000 opened ok
[Main] imagefile.cpp->openReading#1086: PTHREAD_CREATE before
[Main] imagefile.cpp->openReading#1088: PTHREAD_CREATE after
[Main] image_disk.cpp->read#254: cid: 14336 ; m_qwTotal = 14336
[Main] image_disk.cpp->read#254: cid: 14336 ; m_qwTotal = 28672
[Main] imagefile.cpp->openReading#1105: gzip open
[Main] misc.cpp->restorePartition#897: THROW: -19
[Main] exceptions.cpp->CExceptions#144: restorePartition -> throws (QWORD,QWORD): -19 (475248420864)(1073745920)
[Main] image_disk.cpp->close#274: close -> 28672
[Main] image_disk.cpp->destroySpaceFile#454: DESTROY SPACE FILE []
[Main] image_disk.cpp->~CImageDisk#80: total written: 28672
[Main] main.cpp->main#636:

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