Restoring image from a DVD.

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Restoring image from a DVD.

Post by gatorback » Fri Jun 22, 2007 1:16 am

I have successfully used partimage and think that this is a marvelous utility. I put the image and the system rescue cd on a DVD. It is able to boot up successfully, retrieve an IP address the DHCP server and run SSH. I used PowerIso to insert the image into the .iso file and burned it with Nero.

I am able to access the image file from the directory /mnt/cdrom.

I tried to restore the image from /mnt/cdrom/MyImageFile.gz. For some reason, it would only restore 20 or so MegaBytes and freeze up. Is it not possible to restore the image from a DVD or am I not doing something right.

I hope that I have provided enough information to make a diagnosis, however, I can try to answer other questions. Your guidance is appreciated.

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