CRC64 are differents, the image file was damaged.

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CRC64 are differents, the image file was damaged.

Post by riarda » Wed Aug 20, 2008 4:10 pm

I backed up my Ubuntu partition (15 GB- 8GB used space) to a directory in windows partition(i.e ntfs)

Then I restored it to a new ext3 partition without any problems. But because of some grub issues I deleted all my partitions and installed Ubuntu from the beginning creating a ~53GB patition.

Now I am booted with LiveCD. I downloaded the last version of partimage but when I try to restore my original Ubuntu I got a terrible error, i.e:

Code: Select all

There was an error while restoring partition: 
CRC64 are differents, the imagefile was damaged:  
Original CRC64:.....0 
Current CRC64:......0
All my mails etc are in the image file and I do not know how to reach them. Every step I have mentioned are done on the same hard disk.

Please help me.

Armagan :(

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