hangs up? -file size problem - limited destination file size

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hangs up? -file size problem - limited destination file size

Post by the_idealist100 » Thu Jul 24, 2008 9:22 pm

with KNOPPIX CD I used partimage

startet with Knoppix CD
to save a Windows-System-partition from hard disk

I use the limatation of the block size
First test I ued 200 MiB filesize
this runs well until 31 %
first the desktop in the background became black
then the partimage-window hangs up
(in this filesize it only didn't respond to interrupting key
- in another test it went from the screen = the full screen
becomes black - only the status-line was there
- New start of xServer with Strg+Alt+F2 and Strg+Alt+F5 without
sucess - sometime there was no shutdown possible because the
statuline failed to)

output: (I don't know the in the english version used output-text
- so I likly translate it and use the output-sequence as on screen)

space used: 64 %
used space: 2,53 GiB
free space: 1,38 Goib
size of bitmap: counts up while working
sector sizue: 512
sect. per cluster: 8
reserved sectors: 32
root directory sectors: 0
FAT tables count: 2
total sectors count: 8193086
sectors per FAT: 7986

Now I have seen the question of Shagbag postetd Sun Aug 12, 2007 5:32 - and the
hint to this of fdupoux Sun Aug 12, 2007

---because it is old I did not answer there ---

this brings me to the idea, that I am Using an FAT partition
and the file size is limeted

but I have limeted the size of the outputfile

Now I suppose, that partimage creates a temporary file on the same partion, which I
use for the destination file, which I am not able to limit the size.

What are you thinking about this idea - should I support this idea anywhere in an errorlist?
(where ???)

Please feel free to tell me when I am wrong. I have not looked to the source
code - I had no time to search for the code and I had no time to look how it
works - I think the programmers are faster to decide weather this can be the
source of the problem.

Beside I am very thankful about the work which the programmers do - I hope my
thought will be a little helpful - this is no criticism.

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