Strange problem after a successful restoration

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Strange problem after a successful restoration

Post by kawer » Sun Jan 08, 2012 2:03 am

Hello, I have a problem to restore a partition which worked with a previous version, I explain to you simply because my English is bad.

Debian Sid x86_64 updated
>Installation of windows on a dedicated disk. Install drivers, sp1, ...

$aptitude install partimage (partimage version 0.6.7) successful
$run partimage, save windows partition on another disk (WinClone.000) > successful
$image restoration WinClone.000 > successful
$Windows boot successfully

$upgrade partimage 0.6.7>0.6.8 (aptitude) > successful
$run partimage, image restoration WinClone.000 successful
$Windows boot unsuccessfully

Windows partition = ~45G ; hardDisk = ~160G dedicated and unoccupied
The image contains a partition of 45G (OK with - version 0.6.7)
But with the version 0.6.8, the restored partition uses the totality of the disk ~(149G)
Windows thus shows its error Winload...
WinRE is incapable to detect a partition Windows
WinRE in console of recovery is incapable to verify the disk, the chkdsk consider the defective volume and do not recognize the label and the "Bootrec (bcd) manipulation" is unsuccessfully also

PartImage is supposed restored the image of a partition of 45G, but the version 0.6.8 written the partition in the totality of the disk (entire ~149G)


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Post by kawer » Sun Jan 08, 2012 4:07 am


I have resized the partition manually with "octet" precision according to the partition original, I restored the table of the partitions realized with dd, I modified the mbr in old school mod

Ps : Ntfs-3g is OK, just program which does not exploit it correctly.

Problème résolu. J'ai redimensionné la partition manuellement en octet en fonction de la partition sauvegardée, j'ai restauré la table des partitions réalisé avec dd, j'ai modifié le mbr à l'ancienne.
ntfs-3g est ok, juste le programme qui ne l'exploite pas correctement.


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