Giving up with recovering your partimage backup? Partial...

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Giving up with recovering your partimage backup? Partial...

Post by john_spiral » Sat Feb 04, 2012 9:35 pm


Partimage has taught me only to only invest my data with the standard tools like tar and gzip never will I use a half baked tool for backups again!

I'm not talking about losing business files but rather more important personal data like photos!

I've managed to recover some of my files with the foremost utility.

In the below command 'image' is the large file that partimage produced. Try gunzip it just incase it's compressed. You might consider using the cat command if your files have been split.

sudo foremost -i image -o /recovery/foremost

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Post by john_spiral » Sat Feb 04, 2012 11:37 pm

Hi again,

I've actually had more luck with photorec:

photorec imagefilename

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Post by Lcstyle » Thu Mar 01, 2012 8:51 pm


I've learned that there are many "gotchas" with the partimage tool.

Considering that it is no longer "in development" it is a wonder that it is still being used in Linux Rescue CD.

See my own troubles with it:

1. random crashes and exceptions when working with the partimage and partimaged network server.
2. unable to restore partition due to target partition being smaller than original (admittedly this is not a partimage problem).
3. Problems recovering data from the image, (cannot read block 0 from image) during restore.
4. confusing steps when recovering a gzip image.
5. File naming confusion? Is partimage looking for .000 or .000.gz or what?

I admit many of these are my own ignorance but a disk image tool should be solidly built with many warnings for idiots like myself and others that are not disk and storage admins/experts.

My original problem here:

Solution to all issues here: ... =2786#2786

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Re: Agreed.

Post by Hartmut » Tue Mar 20, 2012 10:02 am

I Think the main problem (as in most cases) is understanding the concept of partimage... :cry:

What partimage is:
- a tool to create a 1:1 copy of a partition (block-by-block)
- a tool to clone a partition to an identical partition (same size, same geometry!)
- a tool to reduce downtime for a server when crashing
- a tool to reproduce from a master image

What partimage is NOT:
- a tool to backup FILES
- a tool to extract FILES out of a backup
- a tool to copy the content from one server to another

So what you can do with it:
- clone a maschine that should be IDENTICAL to the source

Therefore questions like "...I can't extract from the image" are wrong! If you want a file based backup where one can extract FILES use an other tool (like rsync, tar+scp, bacula,....)

What I am using it for:
- Staging and cloning servers in a Server farm
- Securing the whole content of my disks as an image

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